Meet upcoming episode sneak peek: Who has stolen the jewelry?


Zee tv serial meet is coming up with a new twist in the upcoming episodes. So far it is seen that mee ahlawat calls deep and tells that he was right there is someone else in the life of the meet. He informs deep how he found meet speaking to someone last night.

Deep tells him that he must be mistaken because meet is not like that. Meet ahlawat cuts the call, someone throws a note with a stone and meet ahlwat gets the stone along with the note. Isha gets afraid as it is the same boys who were disturbing her the other day.

Meet ahlawat peeps out and finds that some boys are standing outside.He reads the note,in the note it is written that when is she coming .He thinks that it meet’s lover.He goes to his room and finds that meet is over there.He questions her why has she not left the house.

Meet tells that actually, she forgot to take the reports of her grandmother. Meet ahlawat thinks that she is lying he asks her that whether she likes boys with colored hair. Meet gets surprised that why is asking all this. She tells that the color of the hair does not matter the thing which matters is that how is the human being.

After meet leaves and meet ahlawat thinks that he has grown old-fashioned he looks at himself in the mirror after some time he realizes that why is he doing it like this he decides that he should help meet to get her love. Later on, rajvardhan gets to know from Babita that the jewelry has been stolen.

Babita thinks that it must be the new servant .Meet tells that they should not ask the servants like this. She finds that isha is feeling uncomfortable.She tells them that she has friend who can give them information that where is the jewellery. On the other hand, Kunal makes a plan to take the jewelry from manushi and run away.

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