Udaariyaan New Promo Update: Tejo meets an accident,Will Fateh return to Tejo’s life?

Udaariyaan 22 december 2021

Udaariyaan 22 December 2021: High Voltage drama is going on in Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan . The makers are coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode to entertain the audience.

In the latest episode It is seen that house Jasmine kidnaps Riya when Riya and Tejo goes to a grocery shop. Tejo to know that really is not there and she gets afraid she starts screaming and finding her. She inforsm angad about Riya’s kidnap.

Angad starts screaming at Tejo because Riya has been kidnapped. He decides to tell the truth about Riya’s parents to Tejo. He says he came from abroad and joined the business one day his brother and his sister-in-law decided to go somewhere.

His brother told him that the brakes of the car is not working and asked Angad to check what is wrong. But he forgot to check it because he was busy in some client meeting. And unfortunately, they met an accident due to break fail he he says that he is responsible for all this.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that tejo meets an accident while finding Riya. And fortunately, Fateh sees all these he immediately takes her to the hospital and admitted to the hospital. When Angad comes to the hospital he changes his look so that he does not recognise him.Angad and fateh both feels bad for Tejo. Tejo takes the name of Fateh.

The destiny is playing its own role, and maybe in the upcoming episodes it will be seen that the tejo and fateh again meets each other. Will the story of the show is getting interesting each and every day with the interesting twists coming up in each and every episode.

Stay tuned with us for the latest spoilers and updates of the serial and keep on watching Udaariyaan only on Colours TV.The viewers of the show can now watch the show online on voot.

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