Kundali bhagya Spoiler Alert :Preeta finds Kritika and Rakhi in the clinic

Kundali Bhagya

The upcoming episodes of the serial Kundali Bhagya are gearing up for an interesting twist, in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Rakhi and Kritika goes to the clinic to see the doctor because Rakhi has got hurt.

Preeta hears the voice of Rakhi and Kritika from the clinic and she goes and hides and starts listening that what are speaking about, Rakhi tells Kritika that they should not anyone that how she got hurt.

She says Kritika that no one should get to know that how they are tortured at their home Kritika assures that no one will get to know about what happens to them in the house. Kritika asks her that why is she doing on this, she says that she knows very well why she is doing this.

She says that actually, Rakhi does not want that Prithvi stops the treatment of Mahesh that’s why she is wearing on these problems and tortures. Preeta overhears the conversation and gets shocked to know the truth that what is happening to the Luthra family members.

On the other hand Prithvi asks Sherlyn, about what is going on she tells him to ask Mona to hit slowly because Rakhi has got heart. Prithvi says that he is in tension because according to the reports that the doctor has sent Mahesh has been overdosed and maybe he will die soon.

Prithvi asks her that Karan and Natasha should get married as soon as possible, she says that she has died at her best but Karan does not even pay any attention to Natasha. Preeta gets angry and asks that than for what he is keeping her in that house. Prithvi asks her to do whatever that is required to make Karan and Natasha get married.

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