Meet 22nd December 2021: Honeymoon! Meet and Meet Ahlawat spends time with each other


Meet tell her husband that she does not know how the suitcase got changed because she never wears this kind of dress. Her husband tells that she is looking cute and good in this dress. They is a message from Sunaina, she writes in the message that it is a gift for both of them for this trip.

Meet ahlawat tells meet that she is looking beautiful in this dress.Meet ahlawat find a boy selling some roses he goes to the boy and tells that his marketing skills are very good. Manushi watches him, and thinks that if he gets to Siya then he will propose her.

She calls him, he recognizes the voice and starts finding her. Meet comes there and stops him she asks him to help her find out the dress because she does not work this kind of dress so she does not know that which dress she should wear.

He asks her to wear anything she likes. He realizes that it is meet standing in front of him, he feels nervous. He tells her that he wants to forget Manushi but still he is thinking of her. He asks her to help him somehow so that I can forget Manushi forever.

He tells her that he heard the voice of Manushi just now and that’s why he became mad. On the other hand Sunaina forget that she is making tea. Ragini comes there and, ask that what is thinking of she says that her father is coming. Ragini asks that does she know the device is coming.

Sunaina says that she knows very well how is her father and she does not want him to come to that house, she asks Ragini to call her father and tell that she is not at the house and she has went for a trip. Ragini says that she can’t lie to anyone especially when our father is wanting to meet his daughter.

Meet ahlawat asks meet to help him to forget about Manushi. Meet picks up some rocks, her husband asks her whether she is listening to him or not. He says that he is frustrated thinking about Manushi , he says that he wants to forget her.

Meet ask him to take some rocks and throw it in the river so he does that. She asked him that how is he feeling he says that he is feeling well and good. The boy selling the roses comes their and gives the flowers to meet ahlawat. And then he hands it to his wife meet.

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