Udaariyaan Episode Update:Fateh meets Tejo at the party


Fateh gets the job of a driver at Mr Sharma’s place. Angad and Mr Sharma are also together for a business deal. Angad takes the help of Tejo and tells her to act as if she is his fiancee.Tejo pretends to be angad’s fiancee but slowly angad starts feeling for Tejo.

Jasmine calls at the hotel to know about angad and Tejo. The receptionist denies to tell the location but a man comes over there and speaks about Angad. And Jasmine gets him that where can be angad. And from there she deduces that angad will be at Jade Hall in Rampur.

On the other hand tejo misses her father she asks him about Jasmine. She asks whether she has called from Canada or not. He tells a lie that just been called him from Canada and told that they are very happy. He also tells that fateh has also got a job in Canada.

In the upcoming episode will be seen that Jasmine decides to go to angad’s house and find out the truth she goes there but she hides because she finds that angad is playing in the garden.Angad to take the ball from there and exactly at that place Jasmine will be hiding.

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