Anupama 20th December 2021 Promo Update :Will malvika allow anuj to stay with anupama?


Anupama episode 20th December 2021 update- in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Malvika tales goodbye everyone and tells Anuj that they must go home. She takes Anuj with her, Anupama stays shocked.

Kavya starts taunting Anupama, she tells her that after Malvika came, Anuj has already left her alone. Anupama asks her to mind her own business she tells her to take care of herself and her husband because she can take care of herself.

Leela says that they don’t have any problem if Anupama stays with Anuj, but maybe Malvika will be having problem if Anupama and Anuj stays together.

The makers are coming up with interesting twist in each and every episode. So far it is seen that Malvika comes to the party and vanraj introduces her to everyone.

Later everyone gets to know that Malvika is no one but Anuj’s younger sister. Everyone gets surprised when they get to know that Anuj and Malvika both are brothers and sisters.

Malvika asks vanraj that did he knew Anuj from before he tells that he knew him from before because he is the friend of his ex wife.Then vanraj introduces her to everyone.

Malvika asks Anuj to introduce his friend Anuj tells that it is Anupama Malvika at first gets surprised she goes to Anupama and tells that she is Anupama ‘The Anupama’. Anupama tells that she is very pretty she asks that how much pretty.

Anupama says that she is very very pretty. Later on Anupama tries to speak to Anuj Anuj tells her that he never wanted to hide anything from her. He Asks her to trust him, Anupama tells that she trusts him but she also has questions. Anupama ask someone that why he did not tell about his sister.

Anuj tells that he never wanted to hide this truth but he does not know that why it wasn’t able to tell it to her. Anupama ask Anuj whether he did not even remember his sister in all these years. He tells that there is nothing like that he says that he wants to share everything with her.

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