Udaariyaan Episode sneak peek update :Jasmine makes a new plan to take revenge


Tejo tell that he is an inspiration because he has gone through so much in his life has lost so many things but still he is happy. Tejo tells that she has also lost many things in our life and now after all these when she finds her family happy she also feels happy.

After sometime Tejo and Angad reach petrol pump where fateh has started a new job.Fateh finds Angad’s car in the petrol pump. He thinks that the car is similar to the car which angad has. He watches from the mirror and finds that it is Tejo sitting in the car.

She finds that Tejo is laughing he feels happy for her thinking that she is happy. After sometime Tejo also starts feeling that fateh present to go there and she starts finding him.Fateh forgets about the petrol and the fuel starts overflowing. One of the man comes and tells him.

Fateh starts cleaning Tejo steps down from the car to find fateh but he goes and hides behind the car. Tejo sees the cap behind the car and goes there when a man comes and asks her that where is she going. She Goes and sits in the car. She thinks that it may be her imagination.

Angad ask her that where did she go she tells that she thinks that she has seen fateh there angad tells that it happens sometimes. On the other hand Jasmine starts dancing with sweety. She tells that she has thrown the money on the face of the manager.

Jasmine tell that now she is ready to take the revenge on fateh and Tejo. Sweety asks her to forget everything and to move ahead in the life. Jasmine tells that she has already forgotten everything that has happened in our life and has moved on. He says that but she will surely take the revenge on fateh and tejo for destroying her life.

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