Anupama S01,Episode 446 13th December 2021

Anupama 13th December 2021

Anuj tells anupama to say what she wants to say to him.The doctor enters the room and Anupama tells Anuj that the doctor has come. The doctor tells them that all the reports of anuj are fine and there is no problem.

The doctor also says that actually, they were also in tension. Anuj thanks the doctor the doctor tells that they have only given the medicines to him but actually it is Anupama who has prayed to god.

The doctor tells that he will make the discharge papers ready so they can leave Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama to say that what she wants to say.

Anupama tells that it is from now onwards he does like this then she will scold him in front of everyone. Anuj ask her that did she only wanted to scold him or she had anything else to say.

Anupama says that she has nothing else to say she says that she should go and speak to the doctor so that they can take Anuj home. Vanraj speaks to Malvika over the phone.

Kavya hears the name Malavika and asks vanraj that who is Malvika he says that Malvika is his new girlfriend. Kavya gets angry he says that he was only joking.

Kavya tells that when there is nothing to hide then why is he hiding it. He says that if he hides then also she will ll not believe him.

Samar asks Paritosh to give the car keys. Paritosh asks that whether he is going to the hospital or not he says that he will go to the hospital.

Kinjal comes and tells Samar that the doctor has said on which to eat only home food. She says that she will send the food. Samar leaves from there.

Kinjal gives the fruits to Paritosh. Paritosh looks at Kinjal. Paritosh stays at something in life people get so busy in Planning their life that they can’t live their life to the fullest.

Kinjal tells that they are not even planning for their life he says that he knows that sometimes he gets angry and he stays angry for such a long time that he forgets that what is the matter on which they are arguing. Paritosh and Kinjal decide to give a second chance to their relationship.

Vanraj takes Anuj home. Anuj thanks him for doing all these he tells that they never became good friends. Vanraj says that that doesn’t matter because he is a very good friend of Anupama. Anupama feels shy. Vanraj tells that the last night Anupama was in tension. They reached the house.

GK gets emotional he tells that his son is back. He tells Anupama to come and do the Aarti. Anupama does the Aarti anuj enters the house. Hasmukh tells that Anuj have to take rest for few days. He asked me to stay over there and take care of Anuj.

Anuj tells that they don’t have to do all this because Anupama may feel awkward in all the situation Paritosh tells that does they have any problem if he stays were there. Paritosh tells that then it is final that he and Anupama is going to stay over there to take care of Anuj.

Anuj inform GK that Malvika was calling him. He says that Malvika is a bit weird because when he calls her she does not pick up the call and when she needs him she calls him continuously. Anuj tells GK that Malvika is in India. He tells that Anupama me feel a bit awkward if Malvika comes over there.

Anuj tells that though Malvika knows all the things about Anupama and him but still Anupama may feel shy. Anupama starts packing her bag and thinks of what Hasmukh has said to her that day.

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