Udaariyaan 4th December 2021 full episode :Angad takes tejo to his house


Jasmine tells the airport people to return her luggage.The staff tells her to show the passport she shouts at them and they the cops come there.

Fateh walks on the road and thinks about the things that has happened in the past few days.Tejo also miss fateh and thinks all that have happened.

Fateh falls down and he feels like tejo is calling him and telling him to be careful.But soon he realize that it is just his imagination .

Tejo and angad reaches angad’s place .He says to her that her mother designed the house so they think to design all their houses with the same design.

Angad is about to leave when he asks tejo to smile.On the other hand the everyone asks rupi about tejo.he tells the truth to everyone and asks them not to worry about her as she is with Angad.

Suddenly angad hears his daughters voice he gets excited and then he gets angry he asks that why is she there.Tejo goes to him and tells him not to scold her daughter.

Angad tells her to stay away from his personal things.Tejo thinks that is angad really like this or he is really angry.Fateh meets his friend buzzo and he asks that waht is fateh doing there.

Buzzo question that why he has not done to canada.Fateh asks him not to tell this to anyone. 

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