Meet S01 Ep97- 4th December 2021:Will Masoom be able to reveal the truth?

Meet 4 december 2021

Babita agrees to Masoom’s idea Rajvardhan says that he have to go to the office that’s why we can’t come with them he asked them to tell them whatever will happen after he returns. Rajyavardhan asks Masoom to keep good behaviour like this.

Meet comes downstairs to the dining Babita asks her to get ready because they are going out. She says that she can go about her she have to take the responsibility of meet Ahlawat and she have to take care of him.Masoom thinks Meet and her family will get exposed in few more minutes.

Pandit arranges for the marriage rituals. He asks to bring Manushi.Anubha tells Manushi to get ready she asks her to give the jewelries.Anudha asks Manushi to put the Chunri. Duggu gets emotional meet tells that he is not going forever.

He says that but his mother told that meet no more return to the house meet promised him that she will return to the house. She starts thinking that what can Masoom plan.Anubha gives some jewellery to Manushi but she takes all the jewelleries.

Anubha prays to God that no one should have a daughter like Manushi. Manushi pray to God and says that no one should have a middle class family like them. Meet ahlawat tell meet to remove the curtain from the middle of the room.

He says that all your she is to Remember Manushi when his or her face but now he has no problem and he feels cold when she is around him. Kunal and Manushi finds that it is the same Pandit who helped them to get married in the temple.

The Pandit asks that why are they getting married once again.Meet asks where they are going and why they blindfolded her. Masoom asks her to wait for sometime. Dadi asks Pandit why can’t they get married the Pandit tell that the can get married because the time is not good.

Manushi gives Kunal’s ring to him and he gets ready to help them in getting married the seat for the marriage. After getting married the Pandit asks them to take the blessings. Manushi tells anubha and dadi that now she has no relation with them.

On the other hand meet finds that it is her house she asks that why you are taken there.Ragini says to thank your Mom and Dadi for giving us good Bahu like you. Dadi breaksdown. Masoom tells meet that after something everyone will get to know the truth.

They ring the doorbell and anubha opens the door Masoom finds no one in the hall.Anubha ask that how can they come there suddenly. Babita tells that they have came their just to thank them for giving them meet. Anubha welcome them.

She goes into the kitchen and meet follows her. Meet questions that where is Manushi. Masoom tries to hear the conversation.Anubha explains to meet what Manushi did with Kunal.Meet understands that Masoom is trying to hear what are they speaking about.

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