Anupama Spoiler Alert 4th December 2021 : SHOCKING! Kavya returns the property papers


Star Plus serial Anupama upcoming update. High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus serial Anupama. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Kavya comes and tells that she wants to return the property to Hasmukh.

Everyone gets surprised to hear that she is returning the property. She says they actually she has realise that she has made a big mistake she says that Anupama made her realise her mistake.

Everyone gets happy saying that she has realized her mistake and is trying to improve.Later on Anuj tells Anupama that at last she was to one who has changed Kavya.

Anupama tells that she has done nothing actually Kavya has realised that she has done around thing with family. Anup says that now at least they will get time to spend with each other.

Hasmukh and Leela thanks everyone for celebrating their marriage anniversary so nicely . They say that they have not enjoyed there marriage so much.

Kavya tells that they are all so happy because he got back his property she says that everyone needs financial support. Vanraj says that everyone needs emotional support also exactly like Kavya that’s why she has returned the property.

Vanraj gives the divorce papers to Kavya . She denies to give him divorce she says that actually it is the planning of Anupama. She says that Anupama has manipulated him so that he gives divorce.

Anuj asks to Kavya to speak properly with Anupama.Vanraj tells that he was only waiting for the waiting anniversary and now it is the time to get divorced for the second time.

He reminds Kavya how she forcefully got married to him. He tells her to take the money which they have in their bank account he says that he is also ready to give the cafe to her.

Kavya tears the divorce papers.Vanraj takes out another divorce paper from the drawer he says that he has made so many copies of the paper that she will be tired tearing them.

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