Udaariyaan 1st December 2021 Update: Fateh Shocks Jasmine at the airport


Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan is one of the most-watched TV serials. In the recent track, it is seen that Fateh and Jasmine get married.

Fateh surprise Jasmine and says that they are going to Canada the next one will settle over there. Jasmine gets excited to learn the news from him.

Jasmine tells it to her friends that they are leaving for Canada the next day. Teju hears the conversation and gets hurt. Later on Jasmine tell that tell the family members that if they do not want to participate in the marriage rituals then she will do all that on her own.

She does the last ritual of the wedding ceremony and leaves the house. Teju starts crying. She says angad to stop the acting of the engagement because the purpose has been served. She decides to tell the truth about the engagement to her father.

She calls papa and tells that it was her plan and also tells that she was only helped in Jasmine and fateh to get married that’s why she had to do the acting of the engagement with the Angad. Papa gets shocked to hear that after all that has happened tejo has still helped Jasmine.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Jasmine and fateh reaches the airport to catch the flight to canada.Fateh takes her to the flight and instead of boarding it, he takes a step backwards. Jasmine gets shocked to see that fateh it is not ready to go with her.

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