Anupama S01 ,2 December 2021 Sneak Peek: Pakhi denies getting married


In the current track, it is seen that the family is celebrating the marriage anniversary of Leela and Hasmukh. Anuj arrives at the shah house everyone gets shocked to see him over there .

Leela tells that she was the one who has invited them to come over there she says to Anuj and GK that she’s extremely sorry for whatever she has done to them.

Leela tells them that they are not only rich by money but they are also rich by their heart. Kavya thinks that vanraj will tell something to them something because he is angry.

But surprisingly vanraj does not say anything to them and welcome them to celebrate with the family. Anuj and vanraj shake their hands.

Anupama gets happy seeing that the whole family has accepted them.Later on Anupama tells Anushka she is super excited that Leela has blessed them. She says that she wish that Devika would happen there.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Hasmukh and samar the plan to do a qawwali. Anupama and Dolly apply mehndi on leela’s hand.

Later the family sits with each other and speaks to each other. Paritosh says that a person should think hundred times before getting married.

Vanraj tells that if the person is getting married for the second time then they should think for more number of times. Kavya gets angry hearing this.

Pakhi tells that she will never marry anyone after seeing whatever has happened to her family. She says that first she saw her parents who had arranged marriage.

She says that her parents throughout their life only fought because of their compatibility. And after that, her father got married to Kavya and after that, the problems are more.

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