Meet S01,1st December 2021 :Meet gets dressed up like Manushi

Meet 1st December 2021

Meet ahlawat tells meet not to leave the room. Meet tells that she has to leave the room because we have to bring the lime juice for him.

But he does not listen to her he holds her and says that he loves her and he says that he loves Manushi. Babita and deep also gets shocked to hear this.

Meet leaves from there. Babita tries to wake up meet ahlawat to bring back him to his senses on the other hand meet completely breaks down .

She remembers how meet ahlawat thought that it was Manushi . She feels how much he loves Manushi. She prepares lime juice for meet ahlawat.

Rajvardhan asks everyone that how can it be possible that someone has mixed sleeping pills with the food. Masoom asks chabi whether everyone has seen her mixing these sleeping pills or not.

Chabi tells that no one has seen her but by mistake, she give the wrong bowl to meet ahlawat which you are supposed to give to meet.

Masoom tells Rajvardhan that she does nothing that anything like that has happened she thinks that says that she thinks that it may be side effect of the medicines which he is taking.

Babita tells the family that she does not think that meet ahlawat will be ok if he Learns that whatever he has worked for since a long time has gone out of his hand.

She says that will meet ahlawat will get back his senses the next morning he will be shuttered. Masoom taunts meet then says that sometimes it is due to the wife’s that husbands have to face difficulties.

On the other hand anubha slaps Manushi for whatever she has done. She throws her out of the house but dadi stops Innova and says that nothing will improve by doing all this.

She says Anubha that if there throw Manushi out of the house then also the society question them. Finally Anubha and dadi decides that Manushi and Kunal should get married the next day .

Meet goes to the room and tries to make up meet ahlawat , but he denies eating anything. Meet goes to Sunaina and asks her to help her she gets dressed up like Manushi.

Sunaina ask that whether it is right to do all this because it will hurt her mentally and emotionally. Meet tells that meet ahlawat has already gone through many things and now if he loses this opportunity then he will break down completely.

Meet goes to to the room and meet ahlawat imagine that Manushi is standing in front of him. Meet Sing’s song and behaves like Manushi so that meet ahlawat come back to his senses.

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