Udaariyaan 11th Dec 2021 Update :Tejo meets fateh,Will tejo recognize fateh ?


Tejo comes backs to take the car,tejo says that she is only there because of Riya. Angad requests her to stay and tells her that he will tell the truth of Riya. He tells that from now he will not hide anything from her. He reveals that actually, Riya is not her daughter.

Angad tells that he is not married and he is Riya’s father. Tejo gets shocked to hear this. Later on, the next day tejo and Angad leave for a meeting. They go to the petrol pump where Fateh has started working. Angad stops the car and tejo finds angad there.

Tejo thinks that it must be an illusion as she is missing angad.On the other hand, jasmine gets in trouble few goons come there and tell her to give all the jewelry that she has. She tells them that she does not have anything she herself is in lots of problems.

In the latest episodes of colors tv daily soap Udaariyaan, we have seen that tejo has started doing some illegal activity so that she can gather money and make her plan of ruining fateh and tejo successful. And for getting the money she is trapping some strangers so that, she can get some pictures with them and later can blackmail them for money.

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