Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Update: Lakshmi gets emotional, Rishi apologises to her

bhagya lakshmi

High Voltage drama is going on in Zee TV daily soap bhagya lakshmi. In the latest track it is been seen that Rishi agrees to maliska and tells that he is ready to marry her and leave Lakshmi forever. Both of them hugs each other and promise each other that they will stay together forever.

On the other hand Lakshmi opens the door and finds Rishi and Malishka together. Rishi asks her not to think that there is something between both of them. Lakshmi asks that why will she think that there is anything between them. Rishi tell that because she has the habit of assuming.

Lakshmi tell that yes she has made the mistake earlier but she will not make the same mistake once again. She says that she trust him a lot. She also tells that she knows that her good friends both of them are. She gives the note to Rishi.

Rishi ask that whether she has read or not or not. Lakshmi tell that she has not read the note she asks that whether it was important for her to read the note . Rishi tells no Lakshmi decides to leave from there but she gets hurt if she goes there and starts asking and taking care of her.

Malishka finds that again Rishi is taking care of Lakshmi and gets angry on him she tries to leave from there but Rishi holds her hand but she leaves from there. On the other hand Neelam asks Karishma to call Kiran. Karishma asks whether something is wrong or not Neelam tells that everything is fine.

Karishma calls Kiran and inform that Neelam has called her. Kiran asks that why has she called her is there anything important to say Karishma tells that should think that there is a big problem. On the other hand Rishi and Lakshmi speak to each other.

Lakshmi asks him why is he scolding her he apologizes to her for scolding her. Lakshmi tell that there is no need to apologize because it is ok. Rishi says that he does not deserve her Lakshmi tells that she will start crying because he is making her cry.

Rishi tells that it is ok because he is with her now but what if he is not with her in future. Lakshmi tells that she is emotional and now for saying this he must apologize to her. Rishi apologizes to her. Both of them gets emotional speaking to each other.

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