Kundali Bhagya New Promo 14th December 2021 : LEAP! Preeta returns after 2 years

Kundali Bhagya

Zee tv serial Kundali Bhagya is ready with the new episode track. Preeta will be seen in a new look. The promo has been released on youtube and is already viral. The fans are going crazy to know the new story of the show. The show has recently completed its 4 years of journey.

The promo starts with preeta praying to goddess durga.She tells that no one can take her house from her. She tells that her house is her right and for getting her house back she will do anything that is required. Prithvi comes and tells that she never had a place in that house and will never have.

The upcoming episodes will be very interesting. To get the latest updates to stay tuned with us and keep on watching kundali bhagya on zee tv. The viewers can also watch the episodes on the OTT platform ZEE5.

In the latest episodes, it is seen that preeta meets an accident where she losses pihu. Sherlyn gets sad and tells Sona that how she do this with her own child. Sona tells that she can do anything for her love Karan.The Luthra’s worries about preeta and pihu.

After the accident, preeta gets arrested and the police put her in jail. Preeta meets Karan’s friend over there and requests him to leave her. On the other hand, kritika returns home and everyone gets eger to know that where is preeta .she gets shocked to know that preeta has still not returned home.

Preeta returns home after some time ,luthra’s asks her about pihu. Preeta stays quite everyone tries to figure out what has happened. Preeta reveals that pihu is no more in their life. Karan asks that what is she saying, she tells that it is Sonakshi who has killed pihu.

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