Udaariyaan 10 December 2021 SPOILER ALERT : Will fateh meet tejo face to face?


Colours TV daily soap udaariyaan is coming up with new twist in each and every episode. The show was always been loved by the audience. In the current track it is been seen that fateh tries to punish himself. He thinks that it is His fault that he is going through this phase of his life.

He searches for a job and gets her job to wash utensils. On the other hand Jasmine decides to take revenge from Tejo and fateh. She speaks to Sweety ,Sweety asks her to forget everything and move ahead in life. Sweety tells that she knows that she wants to go to Canada and she will help her out.

Jasmine tells that going to Canada is a dream but before fulfilling their dream she will take the revenge from fateh for betraying her. She thinks that the whole plan was Angad’s. And she starts finding Teji and Angad. On the other hand tejo things that now Jasmine is happy with fateh.

She thinks of going ahead in her life she decides to help Angad in his business. She also meets Angad’s daughter Riya. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Angad and Tejo decides to go to Gurdaspur for a meeting.Fateh is also in Gurdaspur.

It will very interesting to know that what is waiting in the upcoming episodes. The makers are coming up with new and interesting twist and turns in each and every episode which is keeping the audience tuned to the show. For more updates of the show stay tuned with us and keep on watching Udaariyaan.

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