Anupama ‘Big Twist’ Update: Vanraj tells Anupama to accept her Love for Anuj


Star Plus Anupama upcoming episode update- a lot of drama is going on in the latest episode of serial Anupama. So far it is seen that Anuj and Anupama gets into trouble. Some goons comes and attacks them. When one of the goon hearts Anupama Anuj gets angry and starts fighting with them.

While fighting a man comes from behind and hits Anuj on his head and he gets unconscious. Anupama takes him to the hospital. She thinks of informing the family but no one picks up the call. She calls and inform vanraj about what has happened.

Vanraj comes there and consoles Anupama, Anupama tell him that it just a few moments before Anuj told her that he wants to tell whatever he feels for her because life is unpredictable. You also tell him that Anuj Mein 10 accident early in the morning.

She says that Anuj told whatever he had to tell but before she could tell only happened. She says that for 26 years he loved her without any condition.Vanraj feels that Anupama is in love with Anuj. She asks her to control her self and consoles her.Later the whole family and is in the hospital and supports Anupama.

A video is going viral on the social media. In the video it is been seen that Anupama imagine that Anuj is absolutely ok. Both of them dance on a romantic song Anupama suddenly finds that it is not the reality because Anuj is in the ICU.Later Vanraj tells Anupama that a mother also has the right to love someone.

Vanraj tells Anupama that he is in love with Anuj. He tells Anupama that from today she is absolutely free and gives her freedom to love anyone. He puts her hand on Anuj’s and. Anupama gets surprised to listen to always.Vanraj asks Anupama to accept that she is in love with Anuj.

A lot of drama is waiting for the upcoming episode, in the upcoming episode, it will be very interesting to know that what will happen. Will Anupama accept her love for Anuj ? To know the latest updates and spoilers of Star Plus daily soap Anupama stay tuned with us.

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