Kundali Bhagya 10th December 2021 Spoiler Alert: Bad News! Pihu meets an accident

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta takes pihu home.The goon starts following Preetha. Sonakshi asks the goon to to kill Pihu and preeta such a way that it seems like it is an accident.

Preeta finds that someone is following her she understands that it may be some one sent by Sonakshi to kill them. She changes the road not knowing that it is the Trap of the goons.

Pihu enjoys the ride and unfortunately the car door opens and Pihu falls down. Preeta gets shocked she gets out of the car and start screaming.

In a while the police arrives there and finds that Pihu is no more the police inspector asks to arrest Preeta. They tell Preeta that Pihu is no more.

Preeta start screaming and tells that does the even know that what it means the take Preeta to the police station and put her into the jail.

Karan’s friend finds Preeta in the jail Preeta asks him to leave her. He says that he is trying his best so that she can get out of there.

Everyone in the Luthra house gets nervous thinking that where is Preeta and Pihu. Preeta enter the house and everyone starts asking about Pihu.

Karan asks Preeta that where is Pihu. She tells that he who is no more he gets shocked to hear this. Sonakshi starts acting she asks her that where is Pihu.

Preeta tells that Pihu is no more and why she acting she tells everyone that it is Sonakshi who has planned to do all this. Karan asks her that what she went telling. Preeta breaks down completely.

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