Meet Upcoming twist : Will meet ahlawat be able to forget Manushi?

Meet update

Zee TV serial meet is coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode. The makers are coming up with the new story in the upcoming episodes of serial meet. So far it is seen that the family decides to send meet and her husband for honeymoon to Rajasthan .

On the other hand it starts thinking that how will she prepare for her exams.Meet ahlawat tell meet that this trip is very important for him he says that when she was not sleeping with him at night he thought that maybe she does not love him and that’s why he is speaking to another boy.

He tells that during that time he was thinking of Manushi, he tells that he wants to forget about Manushi. Masoom decides to cancel the plan of meet and her husband so that they are unable to go to the honeymoon. She tells chabi that both of them should do such a thing that meet is unable to go for the honeymoon.

Later Babita speaks to meet she tells her that she wants her to help her son to forget Manushi. She tells that now both of them must act like husband and wife. On the other hand rajwardhan also makes meet ahlawat understand that in this trip both of them should be as husband and wife and not as friends.

Anubha visit meet, Masoom starts playing her tricks so that she can destroy the happiness of the family. She tries to hurt meet’s grandmother but she fails because meet comes there.

The promo of the upcoming episodes has been released on YouTube it is very interesting. In the promise it is been seen that meet and her husband for the honeymoon. She tries to make him understand that how can he forget his first love.

She tells him that first in Must Think of his first love and tear a pillow, then she says that he should shout and feel good. And then when she goes to tell the third rule Manushi and says that there is no third rule because it will be truth that she was his first love.

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