Kundali Bhaga Spoiler Alert: Prithvi rules the Luthra house, Preeta meets Karan

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta goes to meet Mahesh at the Luthra house.Shhe gets emotional seeing the luthra house nameplate outside the house .She opens the gate and gets in ,the security tells her that she can’t enter. The security guards tells preeta that she need to make an appointment or have a message.

Preeta asks that why will she need anything like appointment the security guard says that she needs to have the from Prithvi to enter the house. She gets shocked to know that Prithvi is the owner of the house. The security guard tells that Prithvi is coming and she must go outside the house.

They insist to go outside the house otherwise they will be in problem. Prithvi enters the house, Preeta thinks that how can it be possible because Prithvi should be in the jail. Suddenly Prithvi feels that someone is there he asks this security guard whether someone came there or not.

The security guard informs him that a woman came there but she did not have any appointment letter so there did not allow her to enter the house. Prithvi says that after many days his thinking about Preeta. Preeta enters the house through the window.

Prithvi Rings the bell and Girish ghost open the door. Prithvi tells that he should not be late to open the door from the next time otherwise he will fire him from his job. Prithvi goes and sits on the chair and Rings the bell. Preeta watches all this hiding behind the curtain.

Rakhi, Kareena, Kritika Sherlyn ,Bani comes over there and Prithvi asks them that they never do any Puja at home he asks the reason behind that Kritika says that it is because he does not like Puja. Prithvi tells that he knew that she is an idiot but that day when she and Preeta together threw him out of the house that the he got to know that she is an really idiot.

Prithvi asks Sherlyn, she tells that it is because he does not want to waste money. Prithvi tells that ,that is the reason why he does not to any Puja at home. He says that it is due to him that all of them are alive and at that house he tells that he does not want to waste his money.

Kritika tells that Sameer is not well he is having high fever, Prithvi tells that he is only having fever he will not die he tells critical to give him some medicines. He leaves from there. Rakhi goes to bring food for Mahesh she comes and tells sherlyn to come with her so that they can go to Mahesh.

Sherlyn tells that she will help her. Prithvi ask her to stop he says that Mahesh is a mad person and what will happen if he attacks her. He says that he is not ready to bear the cost. Preeta gets shocked hearing only see things that how Prithvi became the owner of the house.

Karan reaches player he asks that why is bani crying with me tense and what will she do because there is nothing left for her because her son is mental. He tells Karan that he also should be in his limit because he is not the owner of the company now is just an employee.

He tells her he can fire him whenever he wants. Karan shouts at him and tells that nothing had happened to his father. Prithvi tells that he will do nothing to Mahesh because he knows that till Mahesh is alive he is the owner of the house. Everyone leaves from there. Kritika goes to leave when Prithvi catches her hand and asks whether she is getting angry or not. He reminds her that he is her husband.

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