Bhagya Lakshmi :Is this the end of Rishi and Lakshmi’s relationship?

Bhagya Lakshmi

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wants to tell something for her Lakshmi asks him to keep quiet because she can’t hear anything about her husband she says that her husband is perfect. She says that she wants to speak something about maliska.

Lakshmi tells that she is very happy about that and she does not want to speak about her. Lakshmi also tell him that he is happy for him that he has supported maliska. She tells that it is very good that he has not left her all alone. Rishi thinks that Lakshmi does not know the truth.

Lakshmi tells him that their relationship is a very big blessing and she does not want to lose it. Lakshmi tell him that she has got back her family she has got back everything due to him. Rishi says that he was with Malishka in the showroom.

Lakshmi reminds him that how he was thinking about her when he was with Malishka. On the other hand Malishka gets angry with what happened earlier. She decides that now she will do whatever she have to do. On the other hand Lakshmi speaks Ayush.

Aayush tells that nowadays there are no good girls. He asks Lakshmi whether Shalu is her real sister or not. Lakshmi tells that she is not her real sister. Aayush gets shocked. Lakshmi tells that she was just joking. Ayush starts feeling for Shalu.

On the other hand Rishi gets nervous thinking about Lakshmi he decides to tell the truth to her. Aayush speaks to Shalu. Shalu feels good that he has called her. But again both of them starts arguing with each other. The next day Malishka decides that she will break the promise she made to Rishi. She decides to break the relation of Rishi and Lakshmi.

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