Meet S01,2nd December 2021:Meet ahlawat learns the truth, meet gets emotional


Meet tries a lot and finally meet ahlawat get back to his senses. Meat goes out of the room and asks deep to help him out.

Deep goes and gives water to meet Ahlawat. He helps meet to get ready for the meeting. After getting ready for the meeting meet ahlawat start a meeting with the investors.

But suddenly the lights goes off.Meet start finding that what is the problem and why there is no electricity in the house.

She somehow get an idea and connect electric line to the car battery. Deep asks her that what is she doing she says that for a short circuit the lights have gone off.

Soon the lights come back and meet ahlawat start with the meeting. Everyone in the hall start speaking about meet Ahlawat.

Babita tells that it was the most valuable dream of her son. And now he is losing it. Masoom starts blaming meet. She asks that where is meet.

Masoom says that she could have done something because a wife always does and her husband she is his that actually she is a failure.

Meet ahlawat comes there and says that he would have failed. Everyone gets surprised to see him there. He tells everyone how deep helped him to get ready for the meeting.

Everyone please deep for helping meet. He says that he has done nothing it is meet who has done all these. Then he says each and everything that meet has done .

Rajvardhan gets shocked he says that but a few moment before meet ahlawat has already told that he loves meet. Babita says that it was not for meet but it was for Manushi.

She says that the thing which was in meet ahlawat’s heart for a long time has came out. Rajvardhan asks that why did not anyone stop her from doing all this.

Sunaina says that she was about to stop her but meet said that it was most important for meet ahlawat. Rajvardhan goes to meet and bless her.

Deep asks meet ahlawat that how can he be so in sensible he says that meet has done a lot for him.Later meet ahlawat goes to the room and tells his wife that now he will never take Manushi’s name.

Meet prays to god so that her mother anubha takes back the promise and she could help her husband to meet Manushi and ask the questions he has in his heart for Manushi.

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