Udaariyaan Latest Twist Update: FAKE WEDDING! Fateh reveals the truth to jasmine


Udaariyaan is one of the most-watched TV serials. The audience has given lots of love to the show from the first day. The makers are coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is keeping the audience tuned to the show.

In the upcoming episode of serial Udaariyaan it will be seen that Jasmine and fateh reach the airport Jasmine gets super excited because her dream is going to be true.

But at the time of getting into the aeroplane fateh steps backward Jasmine finds that he is not ready to go. She asks that what is wrong with him.

She says that just few hours ago both of them got married.Fateh reveals that it was a fake marriage and everything was fake. He says that the priest who came to the wedding was a friend of his from the theatre.

In the latest episode It is seen that Jasmine said that if the family does not want to do the last wedding rituals she will do it on her own.

Tejo breaks down completely she asks angad that now they can’t stop their acting of fake engagement because the purpose is absolutely served.

Tejo informs papa that it was a fake engagement she says that she had to do all this so that the family supports the wedding of jasmine and fateh.

To get the latest update of Udaariyaan stay tuned with us and keep on watching Udaariyaan on Colours TV.

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