Kundali Bhagya S01,2nd December 2021:Preeta follows Sonakshi, Karan gets angry at Vinod

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya

High Voltage drama is going on in Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya. Sameer finds Sonakshi. Sherlyn ask him to find Pihu and not Sonakshi.

Sherlyn reminds me what the kidnapper has said she says that the kidnapper has said that they have seen Sonakshi in the temple.

Sameer says that it is so weird that nowadays kidnappers also go to the temple. Sherlyn gets relaxed she thinks that this time she has yet Sonakshi.

On the other hand Karan goes to meet the kidnappers with money. Preeta hide’s in the car. Sonakshi calls Karan and asks him to through the mobile phone upside.

She tells Karan that we will switch off the mobile phone but she does not agree she asks him to throw it. Karan throws his phone.

They gets stuck in a car checking point. The policeman realizes that it is Karan Luthra and asks for a selfie he asks The Other policemen to leave the car because this Karan Luthra.

Sonakshi takes the gun the police checks the car licence and leaves their car. Preeta starts thinking that when Karan will get to know that she is there what will happen.

Vinod calls the police and ask him to follow Karan Vinod change the Karan’s car number so that they can find him out. Sonakshi as Karan to stop finding who is following him. Card of the

Karan reaches the location where the kidnappers has told him to come. Sonakshi tells the goon that she will be sitting in the driving seat because if she goes Karan will recognise her in one minute.

The kidnapper asks Karan to give the money. Karan asks that what is Pihu. Preeta thinks that it is the car of the kidnappers and she goes and hides in that car.

The kidnapper asks Karan to leave the bag but he does not leave. He asks where is Pihu the kidnapper takes out his gun and the police arrives there.

Sonakshi runs away with the car. Sonakshi he has each and everything that is happening. The police comes from back and fire and the goon dies.

Karan asks that who has told them to come there he says that it is due to them that he has lost the chance to get back his daughter.

He asks that who has sent them there they said that it was not who has informed them. Karan leaves from there. On the other hand Preeta tries to understand that who is speaking.

The news reporters reaches the house. Vinod call the police officer and ask set what happened this a whatever has happened.

Sonakshi reaches the location where she has kept Pihu. She gets out of the car and enters the godown, Preeta follows her.

Karan reaches home and starts fighting with me not he says that it is his mistake that he could not find his daughter. Mahesh asks him to cool down and say that what happened because everyone is thinking about Pihu. Karan says that it is because of you know that he has lost the chance to get back to you.

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