Bhagya Lakshmi 1st December 2021: Lakshmi finds Rishi and malishka together

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st December 2021

Bhagya Lakshmi

Lakshmi asks Dada Ji that why will be benefited if Viraj and Malishka gets married. Dada Ji says that after they get married they become good friends.

Dada ji asks Lakshmi to make Viraj understand that he should get married to maliska. He says that now he has become old and he does not know when he will pass away.

Lakshmi asks him not to say all this if he really believes that she is like her granddaughter. Dadaji agrees to her and asked her to main Viraj understand.

On the other hand Rishi asks Malishka that what was she going to. Maliska says that she is done with all these. She says that she only loves him and does not want to get married to anyone else.

Rishi tells that how can she loves him because she agreed to marry Viraj. She says that she has not agreed to marry but everyone is telling them to get married.

She says to Rishi that her father opened her eyes and showed her the simple thing which you was not able to see. She says that she is married to Lakshmi.

Rishi ask her to stop listen to her father because he himself stays away from the family. Malishka says that her father is far better than his father.

On the other hand Lakshmi speaks to Viraj. Viraj asks whether she has came they are because of the marriage announcement. He says that the secret is that he’s not going to get married.

Lakshmi questions that why is he not agreeing to get married. Viraj understands that it may be his grandfather who has asked had to come there and make him agree to decision.

Viraj goes and asks his Dadaji. Dada Ji says that he does not know anything and Viraj should speak to Lakshmi. Finally Lakshmi makes Viraj understand that Malishka is the perfect choice for him.

Viraj tells that he is ready to get married but malishka will never agree for the wedding. Lakshmi says that she will help Viraj asks her to tell it to Rishi and then receiving will make Malishka understand because both of them are good friends.

Lakshmi starts finding Rishi. Are relative comes and inform her that Rishi and Malishka both in the store room. On the other hand Viraj’s grandfather thinks that whether he will say yes to the marriage or not.

Malishka’s father says that he thinks that they have taken the decision much early and in hurry. Viraj comes there and ask whether their speaking about his marriage or not. He says that he is ready to get married and everyone gets happy.

On the other hand Lakshmi opens the door and finds Rishi and Malishka holding each other hands she says him that she trusted him and he did all this to her.

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