Meet S01 27th December 2021: Meet Ahlawat still feels for Manushi

Meet 27th December 2021

Manushi comes into the washroom and finds that meet and meet ahlawat together in the bathtub. The manager comes there and tells sorry for the incident.Manushi gives the bath the bathrobe to meet and she covers meet with a towel.

The manager leaves saying that he will arrange coffee and tea for them.Meet ahlawat gets angry on manushi and thinks that manushi cant leave them alone.Before meet could say anything to manushi leaves from there saying that she will send the tea to their room.

Babita thinks that tej has returned home and gets happy . But soon she realizes that it is only an imagination. Ragini feels bad for them. On the other hand meet start thinking that why is Manushi all doing on this work. She finds Manushi and asks her.

Manushi tells her that actually she was left parth and after that she has started working over there she says that she can’t face her mom and grandmother at the house so she will not return to that house. Meet says that she will help her but she says that she does not eat her help.

Meet start thinking that she can’t inform her mom and grandmother because they are on pilgrimage trip, she also thinks that it is good that money she wants to work there and she will not disturb her. Meet ahlawat starts thinking about Manushi and does the assignment given by meet.

Meet 27th December 2021

Meet comes to the room and ask her husband that whether he has failed in any exam during his college days he says that he has never failed. She says that she has given the assignment that doesn’t mean that he will keep on doing the same thing the whole day.

She tells him that she wants to go out to do shopping for the family . He gets ready to take her to shopping. Meet ask the manager to arrange a cab and to send them the list of the best shopping places in the City. Manushi thinks that she will never let to the go together for shopping.

Manushi goes to the reception and asks that when is Mr and Mrs Ahlawat going to come over there the receptionist says that they can come at any moment. Meet and her husband comes over there and Manushi intentionally breaks a flower vase.

The manager gets angry on her and scolds her for Breaking the vase, meet goes to help her but she can’t lose her self. Manushi thinks that she knows very well that meet ahlawat can control himself. But he does not give any response to her and leaves from there she gets shocked.

Meet ahlawat gets ready to leave with meet the manager asks Manushi to clean the vase that has been broken by her and she, starts cleaning it and she gets hurt. Meet ahlawat comes there and finds tears in her eyes.

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