BhagyaLakshmi S01 27th December 2021: Will Lakshmi be able to stop the wedding?

BhagyaLakshmi 27th December 2021

Malishka tells Rishi that he always does like that to her. He asks her to sit on his lap and tells that he loves her very much she says that she will get ready and wear the saree.Rishi sees the sehra and ties to his face. The thunderstorm starts.

Rishi finds the lipstick mark on his shirt and remembers what are Ayush and Lakshmi told him.Malishka pairing the saree she watches herself in the mirror and tells that she is looking horrible. She asks Rishi that how is she looking. She says that she is looking good but she does not know how to wear this saree.

Malishka tells him that they can call Lakshmi so that she can help them. She asks that why does she always tell like this because he has seen her earlier that they should not involve Lakshmi in all this matter. Maliska tells that she was only joking.

Rishi says that she can never understand how does he feel. Rishi tells that they are very bad and Lakshmi is very good he tells that each and every time Lakshmi kids hurt feels like he is getting hurt. Neelam asks whether everything is ok with Rishi .

The Pandit says Rishi is safe as he was married to Lakshmi but he is not out from Markesh Dosha. Lakshmi walks to Neelam room. Rishi tells malishka that they are getting married but still he is not feeling happy but he should feel happy.

Malishka remembers what Karishma had told her the other day. She thinks whether Lakshmi had met place for her in Rishi’s heart.Malishka says everything gets settled after marriage so leave it. Rishi tells that she can understand about all this.

Pandit asks Neelam that where is Rishi. Neelam tells that he is not at home.Pandit tells to Neelam that Markesh dosh is overpowering Rishi’s kundali, don’t know why it’s happening as Lakshmi’s kundali controlled it until now. Karishma asks the Pandit that why is he saying like that.

Lakshmi comes there and asks that what is going on she asks the family members to tell the truth to her. On the other hand Kiran returns home she tells Malishka that it is not good for heart to stay alone in the house at this time. The Pandit comes there.

Malishka lies to her that she is doing a Pooja at the home. Kiran says that she can’t even wear this saree properly without her and asks whether she will help her but she denies to take the help and ask her to go from there. Lakshmi gets to know that Rishi is in danger and asks the Pandit what can she do to save him.

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