Anupama S01 Ep 459,28th December 2021 Promo Update

Anupama 28th december 2021

Malvika will tell Anuj that vanraj wants to work on the project from now. She will tell that and that’s why she has transfer 50 lakh rupees to his account. Anuj gets shocked to listen that she has transferred 50 lacs rupees.

Malvika will ask him that why is he shocked, Anuj tells that he’s not thinking about the money Malvika will tell that she is not thinking about the money but whom she is giving the money.

She will tell us that she knows that he has problem with vanraj. Anupama will get shocked listening to this.Vanraj will ask Anuj that he also wants to know that why does he have problem with him.

In the latest episode It is seen Malvika and vanraj starts discussing on the project idea. Kavya thinks that because of Malvika no one is paying attention to her anymore. Nandini feels bad for Kavya.

Nandini tells samar that is very much worried about Malvika and vanraj because she is afraid that vanraj will fall for Malvika. Samar asks Nandini not to think like Kavya and leaves from there.

Anuj goes to the office and finds that Anupama is playing with his magnet, he calls her a magnet thief. Anupama says that she was only playing with a magnet because it’s was lying in front of her. Anuj keeps saying to her that she is a magnet thief.

Anupama gets angry and tells that actually he is the biggest magnet thief because she knows very well that it is her magnet which he stole during his college days. On the other hand Malvika and vanraj decides to toss that whose idea will be carried on for their business.

Anuj gets concerned for Malvika and vanraj because both of them are short-tempered and both of them get angry very fast. For the latest update of serial Anupama stay tuned with us, and keep on watching Star Plus serial Anupama.

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