Meet S01 24th Dec 2021:Will Meet Ahlawat tell Meet about Manushi?

Meet 24th December 2021

Meet Ahlawat remembers that how he made Manushi in the boat he gets emotional as well as he feels guilty, he finds Manushi’s earring is on his shoulder, she throws it off from his shoulder. He remembers about his wife meet.

On the other hand meet thinks that her husband will be very angry on her because she did not went with him on the boat. She starts finding him when he comes from behind and picks her up on his arms. She asks him that what is he doing.

He says that why is meet is walking without any slippers, she says that she saw a man who required this slippers more so she gave it to him. Meet ahlawat ask meet to to stand on his feet and both of them moves slowly. She says that they must seat and take some rest.

Meet Ahlawat decides to tell her, that he has made Manushi in the boat but he feels awkward to say it in front of her and his daughter’s thinking that why is feeling like that. Meet tell him that she met a man, and after meeting him she felt as if the man is of her own family.

Manushi stands at the top of the building and thinks that meet Ahlawat has rejected her for meet. Babita speaks to Jay Pratap Singh she says that, she knew that her father always looks after her daughter’s happiness but she does not care about her.

Babita says that Sunaina does not want to marry anyone else. Soon someone comes and forms babita, Jay Pratap and Rajvardhan that Sunaina is trying to attempt suicide. Ragini asks her to stop. Jayaprada which is there and ask her to stop.

E Sona asks that for whom will she stay alive. Rajvardhan tells that he knows that she is a very good girl and consoles her she gets emotional and hugs him. On the other hand, Manushi thinks that it is not possible that meet ahlawat will reject her for her sister.

She decides to get back meet ahlawat in her life. On the other hand meet and her husband goes to arrest when to have some food where some goons start speaking bad things, about meet. Her husband gets angry on them and starts with him later on she cools him down.

Meet tell husband that both of them will be sitting adorn this swimming pool and will keep their lakes into the water until and unless meet ahlawat feels calm and feels better.Meet gets emotional and tells that how she used to spend her time with my father during the childhood.

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