Udaariyaan Upcoming Spoiler Alert: GOOD NEWS! Fateh and Tejo to reunite


Udaariyaan : so far it is seen that Tejo gets into a problematic situation. While finding Riya she gets hurt fateh finds her in the unconscious condition he takes her to the hospital to do what treatment the doctor says that her condition is critical because she has lost a lot of blood.

On the other hand, angad gets to know about the condition Tejo when he goes to the hospital to see her. In the previous episode, it is seen that angad got to know that it is fateh who is Sharma’s driver. When he goes to the hospital the doctor informs him that a man came there and he has brought Tejo with him.

Angad asks the nurse who is the man who has saved tejo the nurse shows him the man.Fateh covers his faceAngad goes and hugs him. He goes to him and says that he has saved his life. The nurse comes and informs that tejo has got back to her senses.Angad rushes to see her, Tejo remembers about fateh, she utters his name.Fateh watches her from outside.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that fateh and tejo meet each other and both of them comes face to face after lots of problems.According to the sources angad will reveal the truth to tejo that it was fateh who saved tejo.

The fans of the show are already very excited to know that what will be happening in the upcoming episodes. The makers are coming up with an interesting twist in each and every episode with his keeping the audience tuned to the show.

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