Anupama 25th Dec 2021 :Anupama allows Malvika to stay at the Shah house


Episode starts with malvika asking vanraj that whether she can stay at the shah house. She requests him so that they allow her to stay over there. She says that she is ready to stay anywhere in the house.

Anuj asks a man about malvika and the man say that she has gone in that direction asks that whether the girl was mad or not anuj gets angry and tells the man that it is his sister .

Anu tells him to stop all this and first find malvika. Kavya tells Malvika that she stays over there she will not get any kind of service and no one will pamper her. Malvika tells that everyone she can stay at a hotel, but still she wants to stay with the family.

Kavya denies agreeing to her she asks her to leave as soon as possible. Malvika decides to leave,vanraj calls her from behind and says that she can stay over there with them she gets happy.

Hasmukh also give her permission to stay with them, Kavya takes vanraj from there and ask that what is he doing. She asks that why is he loving her to stay at the shah house.

Malik asks that whether they are biting because of her she asks them not to fight because of her. She says that if they have any problem then she can leave the house. Pakhi says that she need not to worry because every day they fight.

Malvika tells Kavya that both of them got married because they were in love and that is the reason why,vanraj give divorce to Anupama. Malvika says that that’s why she always thinks that there is no need to get married, and they can just have affair.

Kavya gets angry on Malvika and asks her to leave the house as soon as possible,vanraj ask her to stop but she asks him to stop and says that she will never allowed to stay over there.

Anuj comes to that house and asks Kavya to stop speaking to her sister like that. He gets emotional and tells Malvika that he knows that he is very angry on him but they must go home.

Malvika denies to come with him she is that she will not come with him at all. Anuj tales that they must go home because she can’t stay over there it will be not comfortable for the family.

Malvika says that she will be staying with her business partner vanraj. Anuj says that they Cant and had to stay over there because Kavya will be not happy feast is over there.

Anupama gives her permission to stay over there Kavya asks that how can Anupama give the permission. Kavya says that Anupama does not stay at that house then how can she take the decision of that house.

Vanraj ask Kavya to shut up. Malvika tells Anuj that until and unless she gets ok with anger she will stay over there. Anupama gives her permission and she gets happy she comes and hugs her.

Anuj and Anupama leaves from there Anupama tells Anuj that she knows that she has done a mistake because, she took the decision on his behalf. He says that she did not to be sorry because you decision is taken by her decision will be right.

Both of them go to a tea stall Anupama asks the tea stall owner to give two cups of tea and promises that she is a mother she also knows that how children behave when someone doesn’t listen to them.

Anupama tells Anuj that she knows very well that Anuj is not upset because Malvika will be staying with that family but because she has returned home after some many days and now she will be not staying with her brother.

Anuj says that he is not willing to take the tea, Anupama insists him taking the tea. Anupam asks him that why did Malvika say her that she is not angry with her.

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