Meet Episode 98: OH NO! Masoom finds the Pandit ji

Meet Episode 6th December 2021

Babita tells anubha that they had not informed them and have came there and there is no problem when there is nothing to apologize in this matter.

Masoom tries to find out that where has anubha hidden Manushi. Everyone praises meet Babita asks that where is Masoom.

Meet please you got because Manushi is in the same house and they will be in a big problem if masoom finds her. Manushi asks why are they hiding over there when they are legally married.

She says that she won’t hide your there and go outside. Kunal makes her understand that they can’t go outside because if they go outside meat will find them.

Kunal thinks that if Babita finds him there then there will be a big mess. Masoom finds the Havan Kund and starts talking that Manushi is hiding in the house.

The Pandit Ji says that what is he doing over there and he says that he was leave as he has no benefit if he stays are there. Kunal ask him to stay over there and he tells Manushi to be one of the jewellery to him.

Meet find that everyone is busy speaking to each other and she leaves from There She stops Masoom. She asks masoom that why does she do like this.

She asks her that what happiness does she get by doing on this Masoom says that she has only told her that if a human being is honest they need not to worry because god will always be with them.

The Panditji becomes inpatient and gets out of the room Masoom asks him to stop. Unfortunately Sindoor box false town and Masoom the Pandit that what was he doing over there.

Babita and all of them comes there and asks that what is happening there Masoom asks Pandit that what was he doing over there with Sindoor box.

The Pandit Ji says that just now he has performed wedding. Everyone gets surprised. Masoom asks that what are they hiding from them.

She asks Anubha that she had two daughters one is Meet and other is Manushi then what was they doing over there.Dadi tell that actually they were doing some Puja because it is good.

Dadi tell her that she only has one granddaughter that is meet and now she does not care for Manushi. Manoj she hears all this conversations and get angry.

Dadi gets emotional and hugs meet. On the other hand meet ahlawat call Isha and asks her to list some best skin care products. Isha teases him by telling that he is in love with meet.

Meet ahlawat tries to prove that there is nothing like that when a servant comes there and inform them that police has come to the house and is asking for him.

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