Bhagya Lakshmi S01 Ep109,7th December:Rishi is in love with lakshmi

Malishka gets angry on rishi and asks if they can leave now or not.Malishka says that once again he left her for lakshmi.

Rishi keeps on thinking about the incident.Viraj gets in the car and calls rishi but he keeps on thinking.Malishka tells that she will go and bring him.

She tells him that he has once again saved lakshmi and left her alone .He tells that he got afraid that why he did this.They reach home viraj questions that is malishka perfect for him or not.

Lakshmi makes him understand that how a life partner should be.Rishi remembers all the momenst with lakshmi and gets happy.

Later on he thinks that he should meet malishka ,lakshmi come sto say that she has something to give to malishka,but rishi tell that he has some urgent work.

Lakshmi decides to tell it to Ayush she knocks on his room’s door. Ayush tells that there is no problem she can in the room.

She tells him that they have to go to malishka’s house.Rishi reaches malishka’s house and enters the house from behind. Rishi tell that he will marry Malishka after 1 year.

The doorbell rings Lakshmi and Ayush thinks that maybe Malishka has gone to sleep. Lakshmi tells that if no one opens the door then they will leave and come the next day.

Rishi says that he will open the door Lakshmi and Ayush hear his voice and gets surprised that he is over there. On the other hand Karishma asks Devika, Sonia, and ahan that why are they fighting.

Sonia tells that it is because Devika and ahan is behaving differently with them. She says that both of them are in favour of Lakshmi.

Karishma tells Sonia that she is doing a wrong thing because she must respect Lakshmi. Karishma asks Devika and ahan to leave, she tells Sonia that now Devika and ahan both are supporting Lakshmi so she did this is acting.

On the other hand Malishka opens the door, Lakshmi and Ayush gets shocked to see her. Aayush tells maliska’s mother that he called her but she did not pick up the call.

Lakshmi give the Dhaga that she has brought from the Mandir and ties it on Malishka’s wrist. Aayush find some message and he thinks that it is already done by Rishi and he calls Rishi. Rishi’s phone starts ringing.

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