Anupama S01 8th December 2021 :YES! Anuj proposes Anupama

Anupama 8th December 2021

Anuj drops Anupama at her house. He tells Anupama whatever she had to do for Kavya and vanraj she has done and now she will be no more responsible for anything.

Anuj asks Anupama to go to the house and take rest. He tells Anupama that they have an important meeting the next day and they have to go out of Ahmedabad.

He asks Anupama to take rest and he will come the next morning to pick up her. Anupama receive some message from vanraj. Anupama finds that in the message vanraj thanks Anupama for all that she has done for them.He also tells Anupama not to interfere in the family matters and to go ahead in her life.

Kavya sees all the wedding photos of her and gets emotional she remembers what Anupama has said her. She decides to listen to her and decide that she will keep the family together.She arranges the room. Leela enter room and finds her everything is scattered around. She helps Caveat to put everything in place.

Kavya thanks Leela for helping her. Kavya requests her to make vanraj understand that she will not give divorce and she does not want to get separated.Leela tells that it is the matter between husband and wife still she will try.The next morning everyone sits at the breakfast table in the Shah house.

Kinjal comes and asks Paritosh whether he is returning to Rakhi Dave. Paritosh asks that whether she has any problem with that or not. Paritosh face that he is going there to look for a job. Kinjal asks him to go outside and find other job she reminds him that Rakhi has already taken him out of the job.

Paritosh asks that why will he go to and unknown person asking for job.Vanraj ask everyone to keep quiet and everyone have their breakfast. Kavya comes there Hasmukh asks Kavya to come and have breakfast. Kavya sits to have the breakfast.

Vanraj gets up and tells Leela that he is leaving for an important meeting. While leaving he also says that they should not involve Anupama in all the family related problems. On the other hand on Anupama gets ready to leave. Anuj drives the cars and thinks that he is already very late.

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Suddenly he finds smoke in the road he struggles to see what is in the rod and unfortunately he meets an accident. Anupama thinks that why is Anuj so much late because he is never late. Anuj saves himself from the accident he thinks that he has never felt afraid of death but today he felt it because now Anupama is in his life.

Hasmukh finds that Kavya sitting all alone he asks her to play Ludo with him he tries to cheer her up. Leela watches always and gets emotional she tells samar that today she can feel that how nice husband she has got . On the other hand a Anupama waits for Anuj.

Anuj reaches there. Both of them leave for the meeting.Later on Anuj and Anupama speaks to each other after meeting and Anuj enjoys the food made by Anupama. Anuj asks Anupama that her she know that why he did not have any food in the meeting.

Anuj tells that he knew very well that Anupama will bring tiffin he asks her to have some food Anupama says that he she is not angry. Anuj tells that the best person in Shah house is Jignesh because he forgets everything. He remembers how he made the accident and feel the fear of death.

Anuj tells Anupama that he loves her , Anupama gets shocked and turns around. Anuj says that he meet he says that he can’t keep it an accident in the morning and then he feel the fear of losing Anupama. He says that he can’t keep it in his heart anymore and tells that now he will speak his heart. Anuj tells Anupama that he loves her.

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