Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd December 2021 Spoiler Alert: WHAT! Malishka plans to marry rishi

bhagya lakshmi

High Voltage drama is going on in Zee TV daily Bhagyalakshmi. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that malishka tells the Pandit to restart the mantra. Da Pandit tells that he can do this marriage ritual because the setting of the havan is a bad symbol and he can’t do this .

Later she calls the Pandit and asks him to set up the Mandap at their house. Rishi and Malishka reaches their house. Malishka shows him the place than Pandit says it’s better if they change their dress. She asked Pandit whether they can marry thier dress.

The Pandit says that they can marry in they are normal days there is no problem in that, Rishi takes malishka at the side and asks that what is going on here asks that she is lying to him. Maliska says that she wants to marry him that’s why she has done this setup. Rishi says that she has done all this without informing him anything.

He gets angry on her and leaves from there, he says that he is done with her and you will never marry her. The Pandit asks Malishka to bring the broom he gets angry on human shouts at him. She asks the Pandit to stop all this. Rishi sees Viraj and his grandfather coming.

Malishka welcomes them Viraj’s grandfather says that they have brought Shagun for her the give her the Shagun and asks her to wear the dress on her wedding day. She accepts it. Viraj’s grandfather tells that after Kiran comes home they will discuss about the marriage date.

Malishka tells him to fix a date for the next week because she can’t wait to get married to Viraj. After they leave from there, Rishi comes to Malishka and asks what is going on. She says that he is not marrying her and she is insecure about it so she will get married to Viraj. At last Rishi agrees to marry her.

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