Meet 21st December 2021: Meet ahlawat gets stunned seeing Meet in modern look


Meet ahlawat goes near the car and Manushi hides her face.Meet tells the driver that the headlight is on the drivers is that it is by mistake he switches off the headlight. Meet returns from the washroom and both of them live towards the hotel.

Manushi continues to follow them. After some time there is the hotel. The hotel staff welcomes them. The give the garland to them and ask them to exchange it with each other. While exchanging the garland both of them remembers about their marriage.

The hotel staff says that they will stay in the royal suite. Manushi gets jealous seeing all this. One of the hotel staff comes to ask Manushi that what is she doing over there. Manushi makes an excuse over there and runs away. Goes to the garden asks the driver to take her to a cheap hotel.

On the other hand anubha gets to know from Ram and Lakhan that Manushi came over there and went from there without meeting them. She says that she is very worried about her because she has told that her husband is very rich.Meet’s grandmother asks her not to take Manushi’s name.

Ram and Lakhan gives the tickets to anubha they say that meat has given them this tickets and it is for their trip. Meet’s grandmother bless her and wishes that she stays happy all the time.

The hotel staff shows the room to meet and her husband. At first they think that it is strong room. But the hotel staff says that the hotel room has been decorated special for their honeymoon couples. They say that the room is completely soundproof.

Meet ahlawat pressure button and music starts playing he tries to stop the music but the music does not stop meet goes and switches off the TV. She says that she will be going to the washroom to take bath. And her husband leaves for the gym.

Later meet comes out of the washroom and thinks that the dress that she has brought with her are all modern dress. Her husband comes and asks to open the door so that he can take the mobile because he forgot the mobile inside. Meet tries to give him the mobile but the mobile falls down, he gets inside to take the mobile and Finds meet in modern clothes.

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