Udaariyaan SPOILER:Angad reveals the truth to Tejo

High voltage drama is going on in colors tv daily soap udaariyaan.So far it is seen that tejo and Riya go to the shop. There Riya gets kidnapped.In this condition tejo feels nervous she informs angad about the kidnap. Angad starts shouting on her.

Angad blames her for not taking care of riya . Angad will be finally telling the truth to tejo that how Riya lost his parents.He tells that he came back from abroad and joined his brother’s business. One day his brother and his sister-in-law were about to somewhere and they asked him to check the car.

He says that he had written many client meetings that say he forgot checking the car and then they met an accident due to brake failure he says that it is his mistake because of which riya has lost her parents.

He says to Tejo that and this is the reason why Riya’s grandmother also says that he is responsible for her parent’s death.So far it is seen that Jasmine starts falling Tejo and Riya and later on she kidnaps Riya. Tejo tells angad about the kidnap.

Both of them start finding her in the City. Angad fails to find Riya. On the other hand tejo gets hurt while finding the area.Tejo gets admitted to the hospital. Fateh gets the news that Tejo is in the hospital and he refused to the hospital.

He finds that Tejo has got hurt and she is facing problems he feels bad for her. But Tejo does not get to know that fateh has come there.

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