Kundali bhagya 9th december 2021 :Preeta breaks her silence

Kundali Bhagya

Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya 9th December 2021- Preeta tells everyone that she is not responsible for anything she tells Karan to believe that she has done nothing to pick up you.

Preeta tells Sonakshi that why is she lying and everyone gets shocked to learn that Sonakshi was trying to kill Pihu. Karan asks Preeta that where is Pihu.

Preeta says that Sonakshi has tortured you so much that Pihu got unconscious and that’s why she had to admit her to the hospital.

Karan and Preeta defeats to go to the hospital and bring Pihu back. Mahesh gets nervous and start having a chest pain Kritika says that she will be going with Preeta and asks Karan to stay at home.

Kritika and preeta for the hospital Sonakshi calls one of the men and asks him to kill Pihu and Preeta both of them. Preeta and Kritika finds behind your hospital and both get emotional.

Kritika tells Preeta to go home along with Pihu and she will come after some time. Sonakshi starts acting in front of the family as if she is innocent.

The goons tries to create problems in the car so that preeta and Pihu die in the accident. On the other hand Mahesh asks Karan to call Rishabh as soon as possible and ask him to come back home.

Kareena tell her everything is ok and they should not worry. Sonakshi comes there and tells that because of her they are facing so many problems.

She receives the call from the killer. Sherlyn follows Sonakshi and ask her that what is she doing over there. She asks Sonakshi to go and start acting in front of the family.

Sonakshi tells that she is trying to contact the killer. The Killer calls her and tells that he has already done whatever he have to do.

Sonakshi finds Karan and starts thinking that who is he calling. Karan tries to reach out preeta. He starts remembering the past moments with his family and gets emotional.

Sonakshi goes to him and tells thankyou he asks that why is she telling thank you she says that she is telling thank you because he has supported her.

Sonakshi asks that what does he think that is it really is Preeta who has done unless Karan tells that Preeta can never do all days he says that the truth will be out soon.

Sherlyn asks Sonakshi that why she hurting her own daughter when Karan does not feel for her. Sonakshi tells that if it is like that then she should be happy because she is about to remove Preeta from her life forever

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