Anupama Ep443,10th December 2021:Anuj to through an operation


Anupama feels dizzy and gets unconscious vanraj comes there and holds her he asks her to relax. Anupama starts crying she tells that Anuj has saved her but he himself was got injured.

Anupama tell that since 26 years Anuj was in love with Anupama and he never told that to anyone she tells that how can a person love someone so much.

She tells him that Anuj meet an accident in the morning and after that he realised that he should say what he feels for Anupama.

She tells that I know she told her that he wants to live his life and want to tell the truth of his life she says that she could not tell what she feels for Anuj.

She says that during the college day is also Anuj fought for her but she never got to know about all this. Anupama asks vanraj that what will happen if something happens to Anuj.

Vanraj tell that nothing will happen to Anuj everything will be OK.Vanraj console Anupama and tells that they can’t be weak at this time. Anupama keeps on crying.

Vanraj makes her understand that nothing will happen by crying. He says that if anything good would happen by crying then he would also start crying

Samar receive the call from the police station the police informs him that they have received this mobile number form Anupama’s phone. The police tells him that all, Anupama and Anuj attacked by some goons and there and everywhere with all the jewellery and things.

The police asked him to come to the police station and lodge a complaint because Anuj and Anupama both are missing.Samar starts thinking that what should he do. Hasmukh asks him that what happened he tells what happened. Hasmukh tell him to calm down.

On the other hand in the hospital doctor comes out from the room and masks that how is Anuj the doctor says that he is not well he says that there is still internal breathing. The doctor tells them that they should operation if Anuj does not get well.

The doctor gives the consent form to them and ask them to fill up and complete all the formalities and be ready for the operation.Vanraj makes Anupama understand that they have to sign this form. Anupama tells that the hospital is useless and mistaken for good Hospital.

Vanraj tells Anupama that visible Hospital level ko the hospital with asked them to fill up the consent form. GK gets to know about the incident. Paritosh finds samar he asks that what happened samar tells the incident and Parichay has that why has he not do anything to him.

Leela starts crying she tells Kinjal that she is responsible for all this she tells that she told many bad things about Anuj Kinjal tells that nothing will happen to him. Kavya thinks that why are they getting so much worried about Anuj. Kavya also gets nervous thinking that if something happens to Anuj then Anupama will return to the house.

Then she thinks that how can she be so insensitive she prays to God. Again she thinks that why vanraj went to the hospital he could have sent samar or Paritosh to the hospital. Kavya thinks that maybe vanraj is planning something big. Vanraj remembers that he has not informed the family he informs samar.

Samar, Hasmukh, and GK get ready to leave for the hospital. Paritosh tells that he will also go to the hospital and after hearing this Kinjal gets surprised. In the hospital GK gets upset after seeing Anuj in that condition he starts crying. Hasmukh console Anupama.

At the house Leela makes Kinjal understand that when there is some problem in the family all the members get together to fight with the problem. Kinjal tells that she wished that Paritosh starts loving Anupama more. Leela says that everything will be OK.

Samar tells vanraj that Anuj has saved him as well as Anupama and now he is injured.Vanraj tells that he should not worry because his friend will get well soon. Paritosh consoles Anupama and tells and everything will be right.

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