Bhagya Lakshmi 9th December 2021 Sneak Peek:So Romantic! Lakshmi is in Love

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th December 2021

Malishka tells Rishi she to get married to her immediately she tells that for her mental place he has to marry her she says that she wants to to be sure that he loves her and not Lakshmi.

She says that if he marries her now then she is ready to wait for one year after Lakshmi and Rishi gets separated. Rishi tells that we can take decision like this.

He says that it is a very vital decision and a very important decision of his life. He says that he will let her know in few days. Malishka gets angry on Rishi.

Malishka tells Rishi she that she is giving 4 days to him and within that forth this if he is unable to decide that what is going to do then she will get married to Viraj.

Viraj and his grandfather comes and takes Malishka from there. Viraj’s grandfather announce that it is due to Lakshmi this waiting is happening.

He says that he loves me was the only one who took his side and made Viraj understand that how malishka is perfect for Viraj. He says that he once Lakshmi to take the responsibility of the engagement of Malishka and Viraj.

Lakshmi finds Rishi and asks that what is he doing over there she says that she was finding him for a long time. Lakshmi finds the note that she has written for Malishka in her hand.

Rishi tells that it is important not and it is his. Let me give him the note Rishi asks her why she did not ask that what is in the note.

Lakshmi tell that if it would have been something important then you should have told her Rishi gets emotional thinking that Lakshmi loves him and trust him so much.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that the last day when he came to pick up her from Malishka’s house she felt very happy. She asks whether he feels the same way how she feels for him.

Aayush comes and tells that everyone is looking for Lakshmi because the engagement party will be beginning. Lakshmi holds Rishi’s hand and takes him to the engagement party.

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