Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2021: Preeta gets to know the truth about Sonakshi

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2021

Sameer and Shrishti reach the location.Shristi says that she had brought a knife Sameer tells that but she has not brought anything.

Shristi tells that she knew that he will not bring anything and gives the knife. Sameer asks her to follow him on the other hand preeta finds pihu.

Sameer and Shrishti enter the godown . Sherlyn reaches the location and attacks Sameer and Srishti. Sherlyn and Simmy makes both of them unconscious.

On the other hand Sonakshi Intercity go down and she gets surprised to see that it is Preeta over there. She asks one of the goons to go and attack Preeta.

He goes and attacks Preeta asks that where is her daughter Pihu. On the other hand Monu ties Pihu to a chair ,she tells ask him to leave her.

Preeta shouts ‘Pihu’ ,Pihu also shouts preeta gets to know that and she gets confirmed that she is over there. Preeta rushes towards Pihu.

Sonakshi comes from the back and throws a glass bottle on Preeta’s head she falls down and blood starts coming out. Sonakshi tries to go to Pihu and Preeta catches her leg and she falls down.

Preeta realises that it is no one but Sonakshi and ask Sonakshi that was doing all this Sonakshi tries to get away from there.

Monu tells Pihu to say nobody that he has helped her he helps her to run away from there. Sherlyn asks Simmy to take care of Sameer and Srishti and she will see what is happening on the other side.

Pihu tells Monu to put her down she says that her mother is there to help her and she must also help her mother. Sherlyn finds that Preeta is unconscious she says to Sonakshi that she has done a good job.

She informed her that on the other hand Sameer and Srishti has also come there. Monu brings Pihu over there Preeta gives back her senses and gets happy to see Pihu.

Sonakshi take Pihu from her, Preeta asks that what is worried about and why she hiding her face. Pihu opens The Mask and everyone finds that it is no one but Sonakshi.

Preeta question Sonakshi that why she doing all this. She says that she wants to be with Karan because she is the mother of Pihu.Preeta asks Pihu not to worry because you will now save her.

She takes the gun and asks everyone stay away from them Pihu gets unconscious Monu comes and helps them. Preeta gets into the car and leaves from there.

Sonakshi starts shouting Sherlyn asks her not to get worried and asks her to call Karan as soon as possible. On the other hand, a woman calls at the Luthra house and informs that she has some information to share with them.

Sonakshi calls Karan and says that she has got to know that where is Pihu. She says that she is very much nervous because there are many men inside . She asks them to come there as soon as possible.

Karan ,Mahesh and everyone gets ready to leave to find Pihu. Rakhi says that she will also go with them Mahesh ask her to stay home. Sherlyn tells that after this Sonakshi have to manage everything because she has to return to the house.

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