Bhagya Lakshmi Episode :OH NO! Lakshmi finds Rishi at Malishka’s house

bhagya lakshmi

High Voltage drama is going on in Zee TV daily soap Bhagyalakshmi. So far it is seen that Neelam tells Malishka that she can’t accept the relation between her and Rishi.

She says that she can’t resk Rishi’s life for malishka’s insecurities. Rishi overhears the conversation later on Neelam tells Rishi that they can’t accept Malishka if he marries her.

Lakshmi takes Malishka and Viraj to the Temple. Lakshmi asks the Panditji to bless both of them. Lakshmi and Viraj comes out of the Temple and sits in the car.

Rishi asks Malishka to end all this drama by telling the truth to everyone that he loves her. Malishka gets surprised listening to this.

Neelam tells them that they won’t accept if Rishi marry malishka. Malishka asks Kiran make the arrangements for her wedding.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Malishka waits for Rishi to visit her Rishi enters the house from the back side door.

He tells Malishka that he will marry her after 1 year. Lakshmi and Ayush reaches Malishka’s house and Ring the bell. Rishi ghost open the door.

Lakshmi thinks that there is no one in the house and decides to come the next day hearing the voice of Rishi this stand at the door.

Rishi opens the door and Lakshman gets shocked to find that Rishi is in maliska’s house. It will be very interesting to note that after finding him in Malishka’s house what will be the reaction of Lakshmi.

For the latest updates and spoilers of serial Bhagyalakshmi stay tuned with us and keep on watching bhagyalaxmi on Zee TV. The viewers can also watch the show now online on Zee 5 app.

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