Anupama S01 7th December 2021:Anuj praises Anupama


Vanraj tells anupama that he will not change his decision.Anupama tells that he is doing a wrong thing.Vanraj tells anupama to stay away their life.

He asks that why is she coming to their personal life.Anupama says that in foriegn countries people get married withut even informing their parents and if they get divorced at time also they dont tell anyone.

Anupama says to vanraj that but this doesn’t happen here. She tells that if both of them gets divorced then there will be a problem.

She says that he does not worry about them but she have to worry about her family she says that because of them her kids will have to go through many things.

She reminds him that what Pakhi was saying the other day she says that Pakhi told that she will never marry after saying whatever has happened to her parents.

Suddenly they hear some noise they go to the house and find that Kavya is throwing everything.Vanraj ask rpr to stop all this drama.

Kavya breaks down and starts crying and Anupama remembers exactly what happened to her when she heard that vanraj and she will get divorced.

Anupama goes to Kavya and asks her to control herself she consoles her. She goes and hugs her. A starts creamy and says that she won’t give divorce.

Vanraj asks Anupama that why should we call this Anupama says that she is a human being after all and she can’t see anyone in Problem.

Anuj tries to call Anupama but Anupama does not receive the call he gets nervous. Anuj tells GK that Anupam is not picking up the call and samar told that they have gone outside the house.

Anuj says that it is very dangerous for Anupama to stay with Kavya and vanraj. Kavya tells that when vanraj has shown his temper then she will also show her temper now.

Kavya hits her head on the wall and blood starts coming out from her forehead.Vanraj shouts and has had to stop all this. Kavya ask him to speak slowly because if the neighbours here all this then they will support Kavya.

Kavya tell that now she will call the police and ask them to file a case against vanraj for domestic violence. Anupama asks her that what is she doing.

Kavya says that she is doing the thing that Anupama should have done. She says that when Anupama got divorce she should have filed the case against him because he has cheated her.

Anupama says that she could have done many things but she did not do all this. And promises that she should not do all this and ask her to cool down.

Kavya says that no one can stop her and she will call the police.Vanraj says that there is no need for heart to call the police because he will call the police he calls the police and asks Kavya to tell whatever she wants to tell.

Anupama cuts the call and asks whether both of them has gone mad.Vanraj says that he will live in the jail but he wants to stay away from Kavya.

He leaves from their Anupama tells Kavya to take whatever decision that take very wisely. Anuj stands outside Anupama house and she comes there and finds him.

Anuj tells that he went to the house but after that he again came there because on power was not picking up his call. Anupama takes the tea from Anuj and says that she is not ok.

Anuj tells her that she can’t share with him. Anupama says that everyone must think that she is a madwoman because why she getting in all these problems. Anupama says that everyone nowadays will think she is an idiot.

Anuj says that yes she is an idiot but he likes this idiot.Anuj tells that nowadays everyone speaks about practical life and because of this everyone has forgotten to help others.

Anuj tells that he just hopes that everything will get Ok like Nandini and samar inform SAS that he does not think that everything will be getting ok this time.

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