Kundali Bhagya 20-24th december 2021 Weekly Update : Preeta is Back !

Kundali Bhagya

In the latest episode, it is been seen that that pandit ji tells that the Lakshmi will be returning to the house and she will change everything. Prithvi tells the pandit to stop all this, but the pandit says that he can do nothing as the Lakshmi is ready to enter the house.

He says that the women with whom Karan’s kundali connected will change everything. The lights get off. All the members watch that the door. Preeta enters the house and all the members get shocked. Kareena questions that why has she came there.

Kritika tells that actually they went to the clinic to see the doctor and then the clinic appointment preeta for the treatment. Rakhi gets emotional and then she hugs preeta. She says that she is ver happy to see her after 2 years. She goes and prays to god.

She asks Prithvi that why is he there. He tells that he is not only the son in law of that house, but he is the owner of the luthra house. Rakhi says preeta to come with her to the room.She takes her to the room and starts crying as she gets emotional.

Preeta treats rakhi and does her first aid. Preeta tells her to stop worrying beacuse as she is back. Prithvi tells Natasha to take Karan to the room. Kareena says that she cant see preeta in front of her.

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