Meet Episode sneak peek: Romantic! Manushi finds meet and meet ahlawat together

Meet 24 december 2021

Zee tv serial meet is gearing up interesting episodes.Meet falls in the washroom and both meet and meet ahlawat falls in the bathtub. Manushi enters the room and finds meet and meet ahlawat together.

So far it is seen that meet ahlawat meets manushi at the boat ,he denies listening to her.Manushi makes a story and tells meet ahlawat that it was due to meet her sister she had to leave the wedding because her sister was dreaming to have a life with him.

He tells her to stop all this and he leaves the boat. On the other hand, meet finds meet ahlawat she thinks that he must be angry as she did not go with him on the boat.Meet ahlawat meets meet. Both of them go to a restaurant where some men start speaking about meet.Meet ahlawat gets angry and starts beating them.

They get to know that sunaina is trying to do suicide. They go to her room they ask her to stop .she tells that she doesn’t want to live because for whom will she live. Jaypratap walks to Sunaina hugs her. 

Later on, Meet takes Meet Ahlawat to swimming pool and says you are angry so we will sit here with legs inside pool till the time you don’t calm yourself. On the other hand, Babita says that she has never seen any father who doesn’t want his daughter to be happy.

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