Udaariyaan Ep250 :YES! Fateh and Tejo meets each other


Jasmine asks sweety to look for angad. Angad takes care of tejo and tells her to rest until she gets ok. Tejo inquires as to why he is so concerned. Angad asks if she is fine, and then he leaves from there.

So far it is seen that an accident has completely changed Tejo’s life. After the accident, fateh finds her in that condition, and then, he takes her to the hospital. Angad, later on, gets to know that tejo has got hurt and has been admitted to the hospital.

Fateh gets emotional and prays to god . Angad asks the nurse that where is the man who has saved tejo and brought her to the hospital. The Nurse shows him Fateh, Fateh quickly hides his face, and angad hugs him and thanks him for saving tejo .

In the upcoming episodes, angad will get to know that fateh is the only one who has saved tejo. Fateh tells him that he has not gone to Canada, he also tells about his fake marriage. And then tejo will get to know that fateh has not gone to Canada.

Angad will tell Tejo that Fateh has saved his life. Tejo will go and meet fateh,Jasmine will be furious after hearing the news of Fateh and Tejo being reunited.

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