Bhagya Lakshmi 10th Dec 2021:WHAT! Rishi agrees to marry malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th December 2021

Malishka’s father makes Malishka understand that she should not forget that Rishi is already married. He tells that he also wants that maliska and Rishi get married but it is not possible at this moment. He says that when two people get married the whole society gets to know about them.

He says that he has already told her about the importance of marriage. He asks her to see Rishi and Lakshmi coming together. Malishka finds that Rishi and Lakshmi both are holding each other’s hand. Viraj’s grandfather calls them and asks them to come there and start the engagement.

Viraj’s grandfather asks Lakshmi to come over there he asks the Pandit to start with the rituals because Lakshmi is there to do the Shagun. Let me tell that how can she do this because it is done by the elders. He says that as a elder he is instructed not to do this.

Lakshmi does all the rituals everyone gets happy. Rishi feels bad. After the rituals Malishka takes brazing from for the elders of the house. Rishi tries to speak to her but she ignores him. Rishi puts the note in Malishka’s hand. Suddenly she feels dizzy but Virat saves her.

The note falls down and Lakshmi finds it she picks it up. On the other hand Rishi goes to maliska and tells that he is ready to get married to her. She says that how can it be possible she has done her engagement. He tells that she only told that she wants a mental peace and a surety that’s why he is ready to marry.

He says that he is tired of the regular arguments between them so he wants to get married to her. On the other hand Lakshmi goes to open the note. And it falls down Viraj finds it and asks that what is that. Left it is that it is some important thing which belongs to which Rishi.

She tells that she has seen Rishi nervous and intention since few days Viraj there’s a lot of them has helped him in their marriage a lot and now it is time for him to help them. He says that it will be good if he gets to know that what is the problem and ask her to open the note and read what is there.

On the other hand Malishka and Rishi hugs each other and Express their feelings for each other. Rishi tells that now she will agree to him or not. She asked that why did he take so much time to take decision. Lakshmi tells Viraj that it is very important that there is trust in a relationship.

She says that she must visit malishka and see she is ok or not Viraj asks had to give her some tips so that she feels ok because Malishka was feeling nervous. Lakshmi goes to meet maliska. On the other hand Rishi and maliska hug each other and Express their feelings and tells I love you to each other.

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