Anupama Update :Anupama shocked to learn of Anuj and Malvika’s relationship


The starplus daily soap anupama is coming with a twist in each and every episode.Anuj introduces malvika to Anupama and her family.Vanraj also introduces her to his family. Kavya feels very jealous seeing that vanraj and malvika are getting closure.

Malvika also gets introduced to Anupama she gets excited to meet Anupama and tells them that she is very happy to meet her. She tells that she has met her many times. Anupama tells that that is not possible because it is the first time she is meeting her.

Malvika tells that she has made her in the poems of Anuj. Malvika asks vanraj to come with her so that they can click some pictures and meet the people in the party Kavya watches Malvika and vanraj getting close to each other and gets jealous.

Vanraj signals her to control herself, Malvika asks vanraj that whether he feels awkward or not he asks that why will he feel awkward. Malvika tells that Anuj loves his ex wife. He tells that he used to feel awkward before but now he is comfortable with it.

Anupama 20th December 2021 update :

In the upcoming episode it will be very interesting to see that what will be happening. So far it is seen that Anuj tells Anupama that he never wanted to hide anything from her. He says that he wanted to tell about Malvika to her but he never got the time.

On which asks Anupama to trust him, and promises that she trusts him but she also has many questions in her mind. Anupama gets upset because Anuj has not told her about Malvika. Anupama tells that she does not want to ask him questions but she is also a human being that’s why she is sad after this.

Anupama 20th December 2021 spoiler alert :

Malvika tells Anuj that they must go home, Leela tells that they have allowed Anupama to stay with Anuj but will Malvika allow it. Kavya goes to Anupama and tells her that once Malvika has come Anuj has left with her. Anupama asks her to take care of her and her husband. She tells that she can take care of herself.

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